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Our team is happy to present new release of Motivate Clock 1.5.3

* Possibility to change duration of working day has been added;
* UI changes;


We are happy to present a new release of Motivate Clock 1.5.2

* Automatic time recalculation has been added, when a list of marked applications is changed;
* PDF statistics issue has been fixed;
* Possibility to change color of the application has been added;


Our team is happy to present a new release for Motivate Clock 1.5.1

* Able to export only working hours into PDF;
* URL doubling in the Internet tab has been fixed;
* Has been removed possibility to disable inactivity behaviour;


Our team is happy to present a new release for Motivate Clock 1.5.0

* Fix crashes associated with Firefox browser;
* Fix time stops after application focus has been changed to the desktop;
* Fix wrong detection of active application, when inactive website has been updated automatically;
* Fix accelerated time counting after system’s hibernate;
* Fix memory leak;
* Added ability to reset statistic by project’s context menu;
* Minor bug fixes;


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